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Terms of the Offer

Having an Actual Account
You should have a GKM Forex Actual Account to be eligible for this offer

Only Yields Can Be Withdrawn
30% Welcome Bonus can only be used to raise the margin for forex transactions, and cannot be withdrawn. However, the yield made by using the bonus can be withdrawn. In case of stop out after the bonus is transferred to the account.

Örneğin; 10.000 usd yatırıp %30 Hoşgeldin Bonusu ile 3.000 usd Hoşgeldin Bonusu almış olan bir yatırımcı stop out olması durumunda, hesabında 3.000 usd veya daha düşük bir miktar kaldığında, bu tutar yatırımcının hesabından düşülür.

Illegitimate Transaction Prevention
If a trader is found to perform illegitimate transactions (e.g. creating another account, etc.) or cheat, their account is banned.

GKM Forex Rights
GKM Forex reserves the right to change the rules of this special offer or repeal it altogether.

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