Advantages of Forex


Start trading on Forex markets with a transaction volume of $5.1 trillion per day and an immense market depth which makes it resistant to manipulations.

What Are the Advantages of Forex?

Leverage: A unique feature of the Forex market. Leverage allows to make large-scale transactions with small and medium investments. Nevertheless, the investor's risk is limited with the amount of the money invested.

Two-way trading advantage: Traders on the forex market do not have to open a position on the buying side only. The two-way transaction advantage of the forex market allows traders to take advantage of declining prices by initiating a selling transaction on declining markets.

High Liquidity: The forex market allows to trade in any volume at a single rate simultaneously in different parts of the world.

A non-manipulable market: High liquidity enables supply and demand to meet freely to regulate the exchange rates. A non-manipulable market responds better to analyses done by technical and basic methods of analysis.

Market Open on a 24/5 Basis: Investors trading on local markets are not able to benefit from the the exchange rate movements caused by the developments in international markets off the market hours. Forex market is an international market, and allows to trade on a 24/5 basis on weekdays (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday) due to the time differences around the world

Accessibility: Open for trading online 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Transaction time: A trader may put trading orders on the system at any rate until any time.

Low Cost: Forex traders do not incur any other cost than the difference between the buying and selling rates or pay any commission fee for their transactions. However, overnight swap for the positions carried over to the next day are reflected to the account. In addition to the buying-selling difference, a commission cost is attached to CFD products.

Market Center Country Turkey Opening Turkey Closing
Sydney Australia 00:00 09:00
Tokyo Japan 01:00 10:00
Frankfurt Germany 10:00 18:30
Londra England 10:00 19:00
New York America 15:30 24:00

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